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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that affects the central part of the face (nose, cheeks, forehead).

Rosacea has periodic ups and downs. Redness may deteriorate due to the expansion of blood vessels in some areas of the skin making them more visible on the surface. Frequent and recurring skin redness, can cause inflammation, swelling or small red spots similar to acne.

Rosacea is typical for people with light skin.


- Blush or redness in the central part of the face

- Visible blood vessels

- Skin sensitivity

- Burning sensation

- Swelling

- Dry, rough or flaky skin

- Broken capillaries and pimples (lesions) on the nose and cheeks


There is no known method that fully cure rosacea, but we can avoid some factors that worsen or trigger this condition:

- Sun exposure

- Hard workout

- Alcohol and caffeine

- Spicy food / hot drinks

- Extreme temperatures (hot/cold)

- Sinuses infection

- Stress

Avoid using:

- Abrasive scrubs

- Irritating and acid formulas

- Too greasy products

- Invasive treatments for face

- Thermal treatments


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